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Yoga for Grief Relief

If you’ve ever been in the throes of grief, you likely are aware that the body is a vehicle for expressing what the heart and mind are experiencing. Even if we are unaware of our feelings, the body IS aware – and provides a way to allow, honor and transform them. We understandably seek to avoid unwanted feelings by numbing, distraction, keeping busy, staying in bed, isolating or any number of other methods – and almost anything that works in the moment is valuable. For the longer term, however, finding a safe space for unwanted feelings can set us on a path for healing.

Marilyn Eberhart, a local yoga teacher with 20 years experience, has worked with Hospice of Warren County to design a 6-week experience that offers tools for navigating the grief process through mindfulness, compassion, breath work and being gentle with the body. There will be a Hospice bereavement counselor in attendance for additional support. Classes are offered on Thursdays from 5-6:30 at First Lutheran Church, 109 W. Third Avenue.

Pre-registration is required. Call the Schorman Center (723-8060) for further information or to register.


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